This course focuses on patient-centered preoperative education and care for optimization before metabolic and bariatric surgery. Topics to include MBSAQIP standards for optimal outcomes, nutrition education, and access to care.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss key components of a thorough preoperative psychological evaluation.
  2. Identify potential barriers for access to care for the person with obesity.
  3. Examine shared medical visits as an option to expedite patient care in the preoperative process.

9:15am Introduction
Lynnita A Montague-Daddio, MSN APRN CBN
9:20am MBSAQIP-Standards and Pathways for Optimal Outcomes
Marci M Parker, LDN RD
9:50am Can I Still Have Jambalaya? Patient Centered Nutritional Counseling-Cultural, Food Preferences and More
Lillian Craggs-Dino, DHA RDN LDN
10:10am Pre-op Departure Checklist: Ins and Outs of the Patient “To Do” List
10:30am Pushing Through Bottle Necks With Shared Medical Visits
Deb Allis, PA-C MBA
10:50am Unknown Cargo-Key Components of a Behavior Health Evaluation
Clinton S Bolton, III, PhD
11:10am Big Easy Debate: Let’s Talk Insurance Mandated Medical Weight Loss
Amanda Perron, RDN
11:40am Stuck at the Dock: Panel Discussion on Access to Care Issues
Lynnita A Montague-Daddio, MSN APRN CBN; Marci M Parker, LDN RD; Carah D Horn, MBA-HCA BSN RN CBN; Amanda Perron, RDN; Deb Allis, PA-C MBA
12:15pm Adjourn