This session will address the clinical issues when evaluating a patient with a cancer diagnosis in the setting of metabolic surgery. Topics covered will include risk reduction, diagnostic and treatment decision-making processes and patient outcomes.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand the impact of obesity and metabolic disease on cancer development, and the effect of bariatric surgery on cancer incidence and cancer-related mortality.

  2. Understand and recognize the decision-making steps in the morbidly obese patient diagnosed with cancer who presents for bariatric surgical evaluation.

  3. Understand and recognize the decision-making steps in the post- operative bariatric surgical patient diagnosed with cancer.

  4. Identify the unique diagnostic difficulties seen in the post bariatric surgical patient with GI-tract associated cancers.

3:45pm Welcome and Case Presentation
Colleen I Kennedy, FASMBS MBA MD
3:55pm Obesity, Cancer, and Risk-Reduction With Bariatric Surgery
4:10pm Decision-Making Process in the Pre-Operative Bariatric Surgical Patient with Cancer
Shanu N Kothari, MD
4:25pm Decision-Making Process in the Post-Operative Bariatric Surgical Patient with Cancer
Corrigan McBride, MD
4:40pm Screening and Diagnostic Dilemmas When Evaluating the Post-Op Bariatric Patient with Possible GI-Tract Associated Cancers
Samer Mattar, MD FASMBS
4:55pm Case Presentations
Tammy Kindel, MD PhD
5:05pm Question and Answer
5:15pm Adjourn