Learning Objectives:

  1. Identifying Benefits of Bariatric Surgery
  2. How to Increase Referrals of patients impacted by Orthopedics Issues
  3. Identify Nutritional deficiencies related to osteoporosis and fracture risk

1:15pm Welcome and Introductions
Christopher Northup, MD
1:20pm The Impact of Bariatric Surgery: An Orthopedic Surgeon Perspective
Andrew Apple
1:40pm Nutritional and Multivitamin Strategy to Prevent Orthopedic Complications
Victoria Millet, MS RD LD
2:00pm Bariatric Surgery in Challenging Patients
Amy E. Somerset, MD
2:20pm Increasing Referrals in Patients with Orthopedic Concerns
Adrian Dan, MD
2:40pm Osteoporosis: The Good and Bad after Bariatric Surgery
Deb Allis, PA-C MBA
3:00pm Question and Answer
3:15pm Adjourn