Utilizing expert presentation and lively interaction, this course will provide current evidence-based information along with solutions for the challenges encountered by the IH care team as they accompany their metabolic bariatric surgery (MBS) patients through the post-op journey.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Be prepared to discuss options for increasing physical activity with MBS patients.
  2. Increase understanding and insight into the obstacles to follow up care, and how to improve the likelihood of long-term follow up care in MBS patients.
  3. Be prepared to discuss known risk factors for suicide, addiction and depression in the post-op MBS patient.
  4. Have increased awareness of recent evidence regarding metabolic change, hunger, and weight loss.

1:15pm Post-op Pitfalls - Dehydration, Nutrition & Vitamins
Lillian Craggs-Dino, DHA RDN LDN
1:45pm Weight Loss - Mind to Gut - Why Do We Call it Metabolic
Vance L Albaugh, MD PhD
2:15pm How to Build an Exercise Program and the Role of Physical Therapy in a Practice.
Kathi Ling, PT DPT WCC; Amanda Perron, RDN
2:45pm The Dark Side of Weight Loss
Nini Peterson, PhD
3:15pm Break
3:45pm Disappearing Patients - Patients That Don’t Come Back
Heidi C Bednarchuk, APRN CNS; Kellie Armstrong, MSN RN CBN
4:15pm Hindsight is 20/20: 3-4 Challenging Cases From Presenters
Stephanie Sogg, PhD; Mary Gray Hixson, MPH RD CSOWM LDN; Laura Boyer, NP; Karen Flanders, MSN CNP CBN
5:15pm Adjourn