This session will explore diagnosis, management and treatment of liver disease in the patient with obesity and how obesity treatments affect progression or regression of NASH/NAFLD.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand pathophysiology of NASH/NAFLD.
  2. Learn how to evaluate liver disease severity.
  3. Compare medical and surgical treatment options.
  4. Consider procedure choices in a pre or post liver transplant patient.
  5. Evaluate MBS influence on primary liver cancer.

1:15pm Introduction
Rachel L Moore, MD FACS Dipl.ABOM
1:20pm Pathophysiology, Incidence and Staging of NAFLD
Catherine Hudson, MD
1:35pm Invasive and Noninvasive Ways to Assess Liver Disease Severity
Helmuth T Billy, MD
1:50pm Medical Management of NAFLD Options and Outcomes
Holly F. Lofton, MD
2:05pm Impact of MBS and Endoscopic Procedures on NAFLD Progression
2:20pm Prevalence of Liver Transplant for NAFLD and Anatomic Considerations for Bariatric Surgeons
Rana Pullatt, MD
2:35pm Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Affect on Primary Liver Cancer
Scott Shikora, MD FACS
2:50pm Discussion
3:10pm Conclusion
Rachel L Moore, MD FACS Dipl.ABOM
3:15pm Adjourn