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This Session is designed to highlight the technical nuances, decision making, and strategies to reduce complications in performing primary and revisional Bariatric procedures. The session will include expert opinion, peer discussion and audience participation highlighting the same.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe Technical pitfalls in Primary and revisional Bariatric Surgery.
  2. Describe Bailout strategies in difficult situations.
  3. Describe complications in Primary and Revisional Bariatric Surgery.

8:00am Introduction
Rana Pullatt, MD; Teresa LaMasters, FACS FASMBS MD
The Sleeve Gastrectomy - Simple But Not Easy
8:05am Creating the Perfect Sleeve
8:15am Pay Attention to the Hiatus! Hiatal Hernia Mesh or no Mesh?
The Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass: There's More Than One Way to Create the Perfect GJ/JJ:
8:25am Video for Hand Sewn, Linear, Circular
8:35am Video for JJ Stapled, Robotic -Avoid Kinking, Hand Sewn Common Enterotomy
Ann Rogers, MD
SADI - 4 Easy Steps
8:45am Bowel, Sleeve, Duodenal Dissection
Duodenal Switch - A Stepwise Approach
8:55am Breaking Down a Complex Procedure Step by Step
Revising the SG to RYGB - Technical Pearl
9:05am Preop Workup, Hiatal Dissection & Limb Length, GJ Size
9:15am Question and Answer
9:30am Adjourn